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Intimate Spa Party
You truly are, the host with the most. 

We've seen it all and we love it. From fabulous birthday-slumber parties for your Tribe to all-out showers to an extra special mom's night in and everything in between. Bring our spa into your gathering to make your event a memorable one. 

All Weekend Bookings and Groups of 5+  are done through Jillian. Scroll down to send an inquiry today!



How it Works

When it comes to private parties, we have built several tiers of pricing to suit the size of your group and their service needs. Everyone will buy-in at the same pricing tier to ensure equality. 

At the beginning of your Intimate Spa Party our Team will lead in explanation of options available. 

Each individual will decide on their Ritual at the beginning of their appointment time.

Want us at your next event? 
Complete the form below and we will send you a custom quote or more information based on your input. 
$250 pp

Private Boho self-care sanctuary just for you.

Indulge in our 1:1 Experience with Ruby + one of our Beauty Professionals at your home to give you two hours of pampering, The Spa Truck way! Our sanctuary will be ready for you to customize your experience.

Applicable to Travel Fee

Plus Tax and 20% Gratuity


$225 pp

Grab your other half for this Indulgent Experience while being pampered right at the comfort of your own home. Ruby + one of our Beauty Professionals will join you at your desired location to give the two of you a Manicure + Pedicure, The Spa Truck way! 

Applicable to Travel Fee

Plus Tax and 20% Gratuity


$1200 for 6hrs

Indulge in our Hubble Experience with Ruby + one of our Beauty Professionals at your home to provide you and your family bubble with the services they need, The Spa Truck way! Ultimate pampering party for the whole family.

Applicable to Travel Fee

Plus Tax and 20% Gratuity

Social Distancing Party

$500-700 for 4ppl

Grab three of your favorites' for this unique get together as we expand our bubbles. Each guest will have their Service alone on Ruby while the rest of the group enjoys Sunshine & Rosè outside in our Soireè lounge.

Manicure | Pedicure | Facial

Applicable to Travel Fee

Plus Tax and 20% Gratuity


Contact Us


Email: thespatruck@gmail.com

Phone: (905) 324-2876

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