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Because having a pedicure alone just seems LAME! Gather your bests for pampering + quality time together <3

$95 per person + tax and gratuities
no substitution | travel fees may apply | minimum of four people



Pedicures are the cure for everything. That's why they are called pedi-CURES!
Our Pedicure Soirée has thought of everything so you don't have to. Ruby arrives one hour before party time to set up our infamous boho lounge + our two pedicure stations inside.

Having two people on Ruby at a time to enjoy your self-care time for fifty-five minutes then rotating through the group. I always suggest that you get your appointment buddy match a head of time. Whether they want to be social through the whole thing or be slow down and enjoy some silence just make sure they are looking to spend their time how you envision yours. Our team of professionals are ready to go either way! Did I mention our bluetooth speaker is ready for your custom playlist or indulge in one of ours <3

Beginning with nail grooming to tidy length, texture and cuticles. Using FootLogix Callous Remover to encourage more removal of stubburn callous along with our Mr. Pumi pumice block that you get to bring home with you! Our honey sugar scrub is the perfect finish before our signature lymphatic massage on the foot and lower leg. Increasing your hydration with your honey vanilla foot mask will deepen the absorption of our matching body cremé. Includes Gelish option complimentary.

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