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Don't let the morning alarm slow you down. Be prepared with our infamous cure to your late night with our Recovery Soirée!

$175 per person + tax and gratuities
no substitution | travel fees may apply | minimum of four people



Ruby has learned the hard way that late nights come with rough mornings! Instead of walloping in the headache she actively created the best way to release tension in the whole body. Ninety minutes is all our team of beauty professionals need. What do you have to loose?

Starting with ancient eastern medicine ritual of cleansing the feet as this has been known to pull negative energy away from the head. Soaking is completed for ten minutes to ensure epsom salts are absorbed, a vigorous scrub is applied to smooth the skins texture. Finishing the feet with a luxurious foot massage.

Our signature Fresh Facial is then completed to continue with the release of negative energy through the head, neck and shoulders. Our traditional facial massage is included but we have upped the ante on it! It will include shoulders as well as a scalp massage to break up the fascia that is linked to causing headaches.

The cherry on top is the infamous Esthe Max rubberized mask that finishes off this magnificent service our team has been known to love the most <3

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