Because home is where your skincare is stashed! Highlighting Canadian indie green beauty brands that are taking a stance on the quality of their ingredients, packaging materials and so much more. From natural elements, eco-friendly biodegradable materials to a skincare line for all of

humankind these products are Jillian’s secret weapons to a flawless glow no matter your skin type.


Kit contains: Each kit begins with a 10 pack Kaia Naturals Wipe that are biodegradable and enriched with vitamins to soothe your skin!  Rosa from Cardea AuSet is the perfect hydrating mist to balance your skins pH, Schaf Radiance Serum uses AHA's that are loaded with vitamin C  to ensure moisture is locked in while brightning + tightening, Calm Lotion from Wildcraft completes the process with non-greasey finish with a scent of lavendar + chamomile.



Summer Rehab Facial Kit for Sensitive Skin


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