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Bring a little bit of The Spa Truck into your home with our Non – toxic Healthy Nails Kit.

Everything you need for seamless at-home manicure all in one place. Many of us Restrain from doing an at-home manicure because we are afraid of not doing the perfect job. Jillian is laying it all out for you so you can achieve a salon-quality non-toxic manicure in a stress-free way with step-by-step instructions right from the professional herself. To fully create The Spa Truck experience, you can begin with a soak in SEA  Mineral Soak while tuning in to one of our cult-favorite playlists


Kit Contains:

Activate Mood Roller: 

Using aromatherapy, the mix of patchouli, lemongrass, and rosemary is

ideal for giving you an extra boost in the morning, before a workout, or when you’re struggling

to focus.


Fancy Face Eye Mask: 

Whisp away dark circles and fine lines with a Stardust Eye Mask.


Glass File: 

Helps shape the nail and smooth edges.


Cuticle Oil: 

10 ml roll-on blend of organic oils.


2x Orangewood stick: 

Helps to push cuticles and clean up any polish residue.



Brunch Basics

Lady Love 

Indie Chill 


Jillian's top picks! 

Small jar of sweet pea lotion from daisy market $8

Small jar of BUFF $16

Schaf Mask $40


Healthy Nails Kit

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