Because home is where your skincare is stashed! Highlighting Canadian indie green beauty brands that are taking a stance on the quality of their ingredients, packaging materials and so much more. From natural elements, eco-friendly biodegradable materials to a skincare line for all of

humankind these products are Jillian’s secret weapons to a flawless glow no matter your skin type.


Kit contains: Each kit begins with a 10 pack Kaia Naturals Wipe that are biodegradable and enriched with vitamins to soothe your skin!  Balance Toner from Wildcraft is designed to uplift the skin in preparation for serums + oils, Aurora from Cardea AuSet A cocktail of vitamins A, C and E-rich oil helps firm tired skin, while avocado oil and vitamin D promote cell regeneration for a less-tired look in the future, Restore Cream from Wildcraft is Cream provides comfort and relief for dehydrated and dry to normal skin.

Summer Rehab Facial Kit for Dry Skin


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