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Pedicure Homecare Step-by-Step Guide

First and for most it’s time to prep your space for your at-home pedicure. Light a candle, pour a

cup of something cozy or my personal favorite something bubbly! CHEERS TO YOU BABE! Next

it’s time to pick your playlist. With three options for you to choose from all the moods are

satisfied no matter how you woke up today.

Begin to apply your stardust eye mask for our tribes best kept secret. Bringing the thicker edge

into the inner eye and allowing the wing to flare out over the outer eye bone. This can be

reversed depending on face shape, make it work for you. Grab your ACTIVATE Mood Roller for

an aromatherapy burst of lemongrass, patchouli, and rosemary. Giving you those Déjà vu vibes

of hanging with Ruby herself.

Pro Tip: For the ultimate vibes begin with this meditation while your feet soak in our SEA

Mineral Soak from Cardea AuSet. This Himalayan and dead sea salt mix is bound to erase any

stress and tension in 20 minutes. It’s all about new beginnings.

1) Beginning by batching up our scrub before we sit down! BUFF from Wildcraft is a dry

clay scrub that you can customize by using on wet skin or adding any oil for glide. I

highly encourage adding oil like olive, coconut, avocado or almond oil are all great

choices. With a quick stir your scrub is made, set aside for later.

2) Pouring half of the SEA Mineral Soak into a foot basin with desired temperature water

allow for mixture to dissolve for 60 seconds before setting feet in. Time to get

comfortable, close your eyes and truly indulge in this moment. Here is our favorite

Meditation link to battle stress while grounding you to the present moment.

Soak for minimum 15 minutes for toxins to release.

3) Always begin with right foot, trim + file nails to desired shape. In pedicures we use a

more traditional file because the course value is stronger and required for a stronger


Pro tip: I also us this file to buff callus around the tip of the toe and edges of the nail.

4) Apply Cuticle Oil with our easy to use roll on bottle. This luxurious blend of Argan,

Calendula, Jojoba, and Olive Oil with added hints of Castor & Vitamin E Oil. Not only is

the oil going to soften the cuticle in preparation to pushing but it will also heal + protect

with daily use. I love to leave mine on my nightstand for an easy swipe before bed <3

Pro Tip: If there is an open wound simply roll on to clean fingertip then apply to cuticle.

This eliminates any bacteria entering the rest of the oil for future use. Once healed

continue with direct use.

5) Using one of the orangewood sticks place the flat edge on your nail and start to push

your cuticles back gently. The cuticle can act like glue, pushing the cuticle lifts it off the

nail plate encouraging nail growth.

Pro Tip: I tell my clients who are looking to grow out their nails to do this ritual three

times a week to release the nail bed. All had improvements within a month.

6) Grab your cuticle eraser, dip the end into water to slightly dampen. Using a light

pressure run the flat edge of the eraser along your cuticle line in back and forth motion.

Repeating until unwanted cuticle starts to slough off like eraser bits. Cuticle erasers

reduce hang nails by 90% for most and reusable for personal use! Grab your buffer block

and give your nail a light buff, even around the free edge to remove any debris. Place

foot back into basin.

7) Repeat steps 3 through 5 on Left Foot.

8) Time to tackle callous. This is always a two-part process of foot filling + scrub to give that

baby smooth texture. First starting with the Pumi Bar gently dampen the bar and begin

to remove callous. Start with your right foot and use the more course side and work

your way to the softer side as your skin smooths out. Repeat on Left Foot returning foot

the basin to remove dead skin. After both feet have been completed dump water and

get fresh warm water.

9) Time to grab that pre-mixed scrub you batched up at the beginning! If dry add more oil

and lather around your foot like a sock and begin to use circular motions around bottom

and top of your foot. You can even begin to bring this up the leg for an added touch.

Using water in foot basin to remove scrub or jump in the shower for the easy answer!

Repeat on left foot.

10) Wash your hands. Apply desired lotion to feet. Using a generous amount giving you the

ability to massage your feet one by one with circular motions and between each finger.

Then use a piece of tissue with nail polish remover and wipe each nail to make sure

there is no lotion residue on the nail bed.

11) Once nail bed is clean, grab your tissue and roll this up so you can begin to intertwine

between each toe. Begin to apply a base coat, try not to use to much as a thin layer is all

you need, allow to dry for 1-2 minutes between coats. Base coats are important because

it keeps your nails healthy and makes your polish last longer.

12) Apply polish, again waiting 1-2 minutes before next coat of colour. Some neutral colours

will require three coats for full coverage if desired.

13) Apply Quick Dry Top Coat, don’t forget to take your brush along free edge of nail to seal

off your polish. Using your second orangewood stick, wrap tissue paper around the end.

Dip into nail polish remover to clean up any polish around the nail.

Voila your at-home pedicure is complete!

Clean up:

Wash everything with dish soap and lay out to dry. These sets are made for personal use. If

you are looking to share a nail polish simply purchase the BUFF kit for individual supplies.

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