Pedicure Homecare Step-by-Step Guide

First and for most it’s time to prep your space for your at-home pedicure. Light a candle, pour a

cup of something cozy or my personal favorite something bubbly! CHEERS TO YOU BABE! Next

it’s time to pick your playlist. With three options for you to choose from all the moods are

satisfied no matter how you woke up today.

  1. Brunch Basics

  2. Indie Chill

  3. Lady love

Begin to apply your stardust eye mask for our tribes best kept secret. Bringing the thicker edge

into the inner eye and allowing the wing to flare out over the outer eye bone. This can be

reversed depending on face shape, make it work for you. Grab your ACTIVATE Mood Roller for

an aromatherapy burst of lemongrass, patchouli, and rosemary. Giving you those Déjà vu vibes

of hanging with Ruby herself.